Completed Projects

The Role of Practice Facilitators in Meeting the HIT Needs of Rural Practices

Authors: Warren Newton, MD MPH; Ann Lefebvre, MSW, CPHQ Background/Policy Relevance Primary care transformation is necessary for health system redesign, but how to support this on a large scale remains unclear. The tasks of contemporary primary care ar… Read more »

Mapping GME Location and Practice Location by Specialty (DocFlows)

Investigators: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP; Evan Galloway, MPS; Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Andy Knapton, MSc. Specific Aims: We developed the DocFlows App, a web-based, interactive data visualization tool, to understand the diffusion of physicians from the sta… Read more »

Diffusion of Physicians and Access to Primary Care: The Role of Person, Program, and Place

  Author: Thomas C. Ricketts, PhD, MPH Background: Federal and state policies try to influence physician location choices using a combination of programmatic or extrinsic factors (e.g. bonus payments, subsidized loans) and personal or intrinsic fa… Read more »

Making Use of Workforce Projections to Inform the Graduate Medical Education Policy Debate in the United States

Investigators: Erin P. Fraher PhD MPP, Andy Knapton MSc Background: There is intense policy debate over whether the nation should expand graduate medical education (GME) or redistribute existing slots to high-need specialties and geographies.  The rece… Read more »

Predicting Role Transitions for the LPN-to-RN Workforce in North Carolina

Investigators: Cheryl Jones PhD RN, Mark Toles PhD RN and George Knafl PhD Background: Using the dataset developed in our Year 2 project, we will extend our descriptive work to model the key predictors of nurses who transition from LPN to RN roles. Stu… Read more »

The Future of Medicaid-Funded Graduate Medical Education as the Health Care System Shifts

Investigators: Erin P. Fraher PhD MPP and Julie Spero MSPH Background: While Medicare is the dominant funding source for Graduate Medical Education (GME) in the United States, Medicaid investments in GME totaled nearly $4 billion in 2012.  Medicaid GME… Read more »

Toward a Better Understanding of Social Workers on Integrated Care Delivery Teams

Investigators: Mark Fraser PhD, Erica Richman PhD, MSW and Erin Fraher PhD, MPP Background: Given the growing number of social workers employed in the healthcare system and the diversity of roles they fill, it is critical to understand the responsibili… Read more »

Determining the Value and Outcomes of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Investigators:  Anna Beeber PhD RN and Cheryl Jones PhD RN Background: As of 2014, 243 DNP programs were enrolling students and an additional 59 DNP programs were in the planning stages. From 2012 to 2013, the number of students enrolled in DNP program… Read more »

Comparison of Specialty Distribution of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in North Carolina, 1997-2013

Percent active North Carolina nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) by area of practice, 2013 Authors:Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C; Anna Johnson, PhD, MSPH; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Background:As healthcare demand in the United States is exp… Read more »

Rapid Response to Requests from NCHWA

Investigators: CHWRC investigators and staff as appropriate for each request Part of the CHWRC’s role is to provide rapid response to time-sensitive requests from the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (NCHWA) and other key constituents. Our… Read more »

Assessing Shifts in Outpatient Visits to Physicians of Other Specialties in Rural Areas with Shortages of Cardiologists and Gastroenterologists: A Preliminary Analysis

PI: Donald Pathman, co-PI: Mark Holmes Project purpose: This project seeks to quantify how the local availability of physicians of various sub-specialties affects the scope and mix of services provided by family physicians and general internists. Proje… Read more »

The Role of Physical and Occupational Therapists in the Acute to Post-Acute Care Transition

Investigators: Janet K. Freburger, PT, PhD; Anna Johnson, PhD; Dongmei Li. Background: Medicare spending for post-acute care has increased considerably in the past decade with evidence of significant geographic variation in the use of these services. A… Read more »

Workforce Transformations Needed to Staff Value-Based Models of Care

Authors: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP, Rachel Machta, BS, Jacqueline Halladay, MD, MPH Abstract: Secretary Burwell recently announced that by 2018, 50% of Medicare payments will be tied to value through alternative payment and care delivery models. What will… Read more »

Understanding How the Diffusion of Physicians Creates Areas of Underservice

Investigators: Thomas Ricketts, PhD; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP; Andy Knapton, MSc Background: States and the federal government devote substantial resources to influence physicians to practice in underserved areas.  Like the general population, the physici… Read more »

Pathways in Nursing Careers: Transitions from the Role of Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse in North Carolina

Investigators:  C.B. Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN; G. Knafl, PhD; Toles, M., PhD, RN; Beeber, A., PhD, RN. Background: In a reforming health care system, nursing personnel, including licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs), are viewed as f… Read more »

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Roles in Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Investigators: Christine Everett, PhD, MPH, PA-C; Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C Background: Team-based care involving physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) is one recommended strategy for improving access, quality, and cost of care in the… Read more »