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Medicaid Managed Care Programs in Rural Areas: A Fifty State Overview (1998)*

The Experience and Consequences of Medicaid Managed Care for Rural Populations (1997)

Reprints of the following journal article are available upon request:

Slifkin RT, Silberman P, Reif S
. The Effect of Medicaid Managed Care on Rural Public Health Departments. Journal of Rural Health. Summer 2001;17(3):187-196.
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Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are important programs for rural communities. Nationally, Medicaid provides health insurance to a larger share of the population in rural areas than in urban areas. These programs are also critical sources of income for rural health care providers and contribute to economic development in rural communities. While there are many resources on Medicaid and CHIP that provide important information to policymakers, advocates, researchers, and others, state-specific information on characteristics of Medicaid and CHIP in rural areas is hard to find. The State Profiles of Medicaid and CHIP in Rural and Urban Areas on this web site were developed to address this information gap.

The State Profiles summarize data from a range of sources on Medicaid and CHIP with an emphasis on program characteristics relevant to rural areas. To obtain information on enrollment and expenditures in rural areas, individual state web sites were searched for administrative data by county. Where available, data are presented aggregated by metropolitan and nonmetropolitan counties and links to county-level data are provided. The Background Information and National Summary Tables document, below, contains select data for each state aggregated by subject into national tables. A complete description of the more detailed information contained in each State Profile can be found in the User’s Guide.

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Background Information and National Summary Tables

User's Guide

Other Medicaid Resources

Individual State Profiles



*Copyrighted and published by Project HOPE/Health Affairs as:
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