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Developing the Patient-Centered Workforce Needed for our Rapidly Changing Healthcare System – Duke Grand Rounds

This past week, Erin Fraher, PhD presented at Duke Grand rounds on healthcare transformation, the role of MAs in primary care practices and “the State of the State.”

Here’s an overview:

  • The health care system is undergoing rapid change. Workforce will need to transform
  • The State of the State-despite what you see in the press, NC (generally) doesn’t face shortages. It’s a maldistribution issue—by geography, specialty, ethnic/racial diversity and setting
  • MAs and Family Physicians have somewhat divergent perspectives on MA roles in primary care practices in NC, but this gap can be closed
  • To transform the workforce, we are going to have to move from old school to new school workforce planning approaches

Check out the full presentation here, or learn more about some of the Program’s other publications and presentations here. 

Map of NC counties without general surgeon