Who We Are

Daniel E. Jonas, MD, MPH

Dr. Jonas is a primary care physician with clinical training in internal medicine and pediatrics. He… Read more »

Cynthia Feltner, MD, MPH
Associate Director

Dr. Feltner is board certified in internal medicine with additional clinical training in psychiatry… Read more »

Rachel Palmieri Weber, PhD
Program Manager

Dr. Weber has worked in health-related research since 2000. She is an experienced cancer epidemiolog… Read more »

Jennifer Cook Middleton, PhD
Research Specialist

Dr. Middleton has served as a project coordinator and has provided support to several systematic rev… Read more »

Manny Coker-Schwimmer, MPH
Research Assistant

Mr. Coker-Schwimmer joined the EPC in 2011 and has coordinated or supported many AHRQ-funded systema… Read more »

Colleen Barclay, MPH
Research Associate

Ms. Barclay joined the RTI-UNC EPC in 2015 after 4 years as Program Coordinator for the UNC Research… Read more »

Charli Randolph, BA
Research Assistant

Ms. Randolph joined the EPC in 2015, and has worked on a number of USPSTF and AHRQ-funded projects…. Read more »

Claire Baker
Research Assistant

Ms. Baker has worked with the RTI-UNC EPC since 2009 and has assisted with many USPSTF and AHRQ-fund… Read more »

Lynn Whitener, MSLS, DrPH
Research Librarian

Dr. Whitener served as the Director of Library Services for the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Ser… Read more »

Christiane Voisin, MSLS
Research Librarian

Ms. Voisin has provided literature search support for EPC projects and systematic reviews for over 1… Read more »