closuremaps Rural Hospital Closure Tracking 
This tool includes a map of rural hospital closures from 2005-present, a sortable list of closed rural hospitals, a list of closed but re-opened rural hospitals, and a printable list of closed rural hospitals.
FedFast Tool The Freestanding Emergency Department Financial Assessment Strategic Tool (FED FAST)  The FED FAST is an Excel-based tool developed to assess the financial feasibility of converting a rural hospital into a freestanding emergency department.  We have also published a Findings Brief,  Estimated Costs of Rural Freestanding Emergency Departments, that explains the concept of an RFED and estimates the costs of operating an RFED under three different volume scenarios.
Rural Delta Region Mapping Tool
This is an interactive tool that shows 13 health measures for people in Delta Region counties/parishes.  We show rates of cancer and cardiovascular diseases across the region, which have previously been shown to be 10-20% higher than peer counties and the rest of the U.S., respectively. You can use this tool to compare rates by county, by rural-urban status, to peer counties, to the national average, to national quartiles, by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) regions, and by states.