Request Data

Several datasets from the Health Professions Data System can be downloaded free of charge. Selected archived data are available here but are no longer updated. If you are not able to find the statistical data you need on our web site, please contact us. We will be able to help you with the specific reports you may require.

What can be requested?

Data can be provided in several formats:

    • Mailing lists (electronic)
    • Analysis files
    • Cross-tabulations
    • Frequencies
    • Graphic representations (e.g., maps, charts)

Some boards prefer to handle their own requests or can fill requests for mailing lists themselves. For example:

We always defer to the boards if they wish to fill their own requests, but we will be happy to help you if they refer you back to us.



Simple data requests can sometimes be provided free of charge, provided we already have the data programmed or if it takes minimal time (<1 hour). If your request requires special programming, you will be contacted regarding the estimated charge to enable us to cover staff time. The cost is dependent on the output type and the number of records output. See our fee structure for additional information.


Board Approval

The HPDS maintains and tabulates the licensure data but the data remain the property of the licensing boards at all times. Board approval is normally not required if the data requested do not identify individuals. However, any requests for data that include names, addresses, or other individual-level data require written approval from the respective licensing board before we can release it. If board approval is necessary, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Contact HPDS staff to discuss the details of your request. Written approval from the executive officer or designated contact of the appropriate board is required before any identifiable data can be released by the Sheps Center.
  2. An email should be sent to the executive officer or designated contact at the appropriate board explaining the need for the data in question, specific data requested, and the preferred format of the data. If the data are for an announcement or a survey, it is helpful to provide a copy of the brochure or questionnaire with your request. The email to the board should ask that approval be granted to the Sheps Center to provide the data. Once the board emails with their approval, please forward that email to HPDS staff at


Turn-Around Time

Due to the high volume of data requests and other work that our team does, we request a minimum of two weeks to process routine requests; a longer period may be required depending on the team’s workload and/or if extensive programming is needed. If data are required immediately, please indicate this at the time of your request. An urgent request will be processed as soon as it can be scheduled into the workload, and an additional charge will be assessed. Though we make every effort to accommodate rush requests, no assurance can be given earlier than two weeks after the request has been received.


Order health professions mailing lists or data files:

If you would like to request data please email us at You may also call Julie Spero at 919-966-9985, Evan Galloway at 919-966-6882 or Katie Gaul at 919-966-6529.