Pricing Structure

In order to cover staff time, we charge for requests for mailing lists and analysis files, and for requests requiring programming, including maps. The cost is dependent on the output type, the number of records, and the time it takes to program the request. An invoice, payable by check or by UNC department account adjustment, will be emailed or mailed to you. We reserve the right to require prepayment for any request.

For more information on requesting data, click here.

Type of RequestGross ChargeCharge For ProfitCharge Non-Profit
Mailing Lists, electronic format (names, addresses, county, specialty)$4.50 per 100 listings$200 min.
$600 max.
$100 min.
$600 max.
Individual Level Data, electronic format (data beyond mailing list fields)$7.00 per 100 listings$300 min.
$800 max.
$200 min.
$700 max.
Requests requiring data programming$50 per hour$200 min.$100 min.
Special Requests
(Contact Data Coordinator)
$200 min.$100 min.
Rush Requests (Requests needed within two weeks)$25 added on to the total request charge
Materials; Shipping and Handling$1 per CD;
Standard postal/shipping rates