Primary Care Teams: Past, Present and Future

Product type: Commentary published in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine, June 2020. Authors: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Summary: Structural changes to primary care require retraining physicians and other providers to more effectively function in teams, remapping workflows, and redesigning care to allow for more collaboration between physicians and other health care professionals… Read more »

Working on the Interprofessional Team: Barriers and Facilitators to Social Worker Practice in Integrated Care Settings

January 14, 2018 Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD; Brianna M. Lombardi, MSW; Erica L. Richman, PhD Poster presentation at the 2018 Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference           Overview Aims: (1) To provide an enhanced description of social workers in interprofessional practice and (2) To identify barriers and facilitators to social workers’ role as… Read more »

Social Work in Integrated Primary Care: A Systematic Review

January 14, 2017 Presentation at Society for Social Work Annual Research Meeting New Orleans, LA Brianna M. Lombardi, MSW; Mark W. Fraser, PhD; Shiyou Wu, MSW; Erica Richman, PhD; Erin Fraher, MPP, PhD; Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD Presentation Overview Presented systematic review that aimed to: Describe the functions of social workers on interprofessional teams in… Read more »

Social Work in Integrated Primary Care: A Systematic Review

Mark Fraser, PhD, MSW; Brianna Lombardi, MSW; Shiyou Wu, MSW; Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD, MS; Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Conclusions and Policy Implications 1) The systematic literature review revealed three primary roles for social workers in integrated health care: • behavioral health specialists; • care managers; • a referral role…. Read more »