Health Workforce Data Visualization Tools

The Program on Health Workforce Research and Policy is pleased to offer a selection of data visualization tools to help you access and understand health workforce data for the United States and for North Carolina.

The North Carolina Health Professions Data Visualization Tool

The North Carolina Health Professions Data Visualization Tool contains data the most current data on NC health professions, going back to 2000. The tool allows users to visualize, query, and download health professional counts by county, ratios per population, and demographic information. Read more…

The FutureDocs Forecasting Tool

The FutureDocs Forecasting Tool is an interactive, web-based model that estimates the supply of physicians, use of physician services, and capacity of the physician workforce to meet future use of health services at the sub-state, state and national levels. Read more…

The DocFlows App

The DocFlows App is a web-based application to better understand physician diffusion. Users can query, download and share maps showing state to state moves by residents and actively practicing physicians by specialty. The maps show all of the states from which a particular state imports/exports its residents/physicians. The DocFlows App was created using D3, an open-source, JavaScript library. It was developed by the Carolina Health Workforce Research Center with funding from HRSA.