Alan R. Ellis, MSW

Research Associate and Research Fellow

B.A., 1990, Dartmouth College (Computer Science and Spanish)

MSW, 1996, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

My work in health services research began here at the Sheps Center in 1997, with investigations in four areas related to childhood immunization in North Carolina: immunization coverage; parental knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions; the identification of urban pockets of underimmunization; and caseworker perceptions of the immunization component of North Carolina’s welfare reform program. My research focus has since shifted to mental health services. In the past I was involved in the following projects:

  • ¬†the Tidewater Project, a comparison of two financing and organizational arrangements for Medicaid-reimbursed mental health services;
  • an analysis of case manager perceptions related to the ACCESS project for homeless persons with mental illness;
  • the Women, Co-occurring Disorders and Violence Project, a study of the effectiveness of integrated mental health, substance abuse, and trauma interventions;
  • “Impacts of Managed Care on Substance Abuse Service Linkages”; and
  • “A Randomized Clinical Trial Asessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Generalist Care Managers for the Treatment of Depression in Medicaid Recipients.”

Currently I am working on the following projects with Drs. Joseph P. Morrissey and Kathleen C. Thomas:

  • a project to analyze policy alternatives for North Carolina’s “Ticket to Work” program for people with disabilities;
  • “Integration Diffusion for SMI Service Delivery”;
  • “Development of a New Methodology for Mental Health Professional Shortage Designation”; and
  • CADDRE-Based Study of Autism Service Use and Expenditures

Longitudinal analysis and hierarchical linear models are methodological interests. In addition to mental health services research, topics of interest include include school-based preventive interventions (e.g., conflict resolution and peer mediation programs) as well as information technology and its applications in social work practice and research.

Contact Information:

Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

725 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., CB 7590

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7590

Telephone: (919) 966-2340

Fax: (919) 966-1634


 Updated April 5, 2007