83 Rural Hospital Closures: January 2010 – Present

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Rural Hospital Closures 2010-Current

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Map IDHospitalStateRUCACBSAMedicare PaymentClosure YearNumber of BedsStatus
83Our Community HospitalNorth Carolina10.1MicroCAH201720Nursing or Rehabilitation Facility
82Pioneer Community Hospital of Patrick CountyVirginia6NeitherCAH201725None
81Care Regional Medical CtrTexas4.1MetroPPS201763None
80East Texas Medical Center- TrinityTexas7.2MicroMDH201745None
79Campbellton-Graceville HospitalFlorida7.1NeitherCAH201725None
78Timberlands HospitalTexas8.0NeitherSCH201749Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
77Copper Basin Medical CenterTennessee10.1MetroCAH201721Urgent or Emergency Care
76Davie Medical Center- MocksvilleNorth Carolina7.1MetroPPS201710None
75Gulf Coast Medical CenterTexas7.1MicroPPS201694None
74Nix Community General HospitalTexas7.0NeitherPPS201618None
73Quitman County HospitalMississippi10.1NeitherCAH201625None
72North Georgia Medical CenterGeorgia7.0NeitherPPS201640Urgent or Emergency Care
71Epic Medical CenterOklahoma10.2NeitherMDH201633Urgent or Emergency Care
70Tennova Healthcare- McNairy RegionalTennessee7.0NeitherMDH201626None
69Colusa Regional Medical CenterCalifornia7.1NeitherSCH201642Urgent or Emergency Care
68Memorial Hospital & Physician GroupOklahoma7.1NeitherSCH201637Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
67SoutheastHEALTH Center of Reynolds CountyMissouri2.0NeitherCAH201621None
66New Horizons Medical CenterKentucky10.2NeitherCAH201625Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
65Westlake Regional HospitalKentucky7.0NeitherMDH201649Urgent or Emergency Care
64Southern Palmetto HospitalSouth Carolina7.1NeitherSCH201630None
63St. Mary's HospitalIllinois4.0MicroPPS201694Urgent or Emergency Care
62Albany Area HospitalMinnesota2.0MetroCAH201517None
61Pioneer Community Hospital of NewtonMississippi7.0NeitherCAH201521None
60Merit Health Natchez-Community CampusMississippi4.0MicroPPS2015101None
59Southern Maine Health Care- Sanford Medical CenterMaine4.1MetroPPS201546Urgent or Emergency Care
58Mercy Hospital IndependenceKansas7.2MicroPPS201541Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
57Nye Regional Medical CenterNevada5.0MicroSCH201510None
56Parkland Health Center- Weber RdMissouri4.1MicroRRC201598None
55Cochise Regional HospitalArizona4.0MetroCAH201525None
54United Regional Medical CenterTennessee4.0MicroPPS201553None
53Parkview Adventist Medical CenterMaine4.1MetroPPS201555Urgent or Emergency Care
52Hunt Regional Community Hospital of CommerceTexas7.2MetroCAH201524None
51Yadkin Valley Community HospitalNorth Carolina2.0MetroCAH201515None
50Marlboro Park HospitalSouth Carolina4.0MicroPPS201594None
49Parkridge West HospitalTennessee7.1MetroPPS201550Urgent or Emergency Care
48Parkway Regional HospitalKentucky7.2MicroPPS201548None
47Kilmichael HospitalMississippi8NeitherMDH201519Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
46East Texas Medical Center- Mount VernonTexas9NeitherMDH201449Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
45East Texas Medical Center- ClarksvilleTexas7.2NeitherMDH201430None
44East Texas Medical Center- GilmerTexas7.1MetroPPS201437Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
43Doctors Hospital of NelsonvilleOhio7.2MicroCAH201425Urgent or Emergency Care
42Sac-Osage HospitalMissouri9NeitherSCH201447None
41Haywood Park Community HospitalTennessee7.1NeitherDSH201436None
40Lower Oconee Community HospitalGeorgia10.2NeitherCAH201425None
39Tilden Community HospitalNebraska10.2NeitherCAH201420Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
38Vidant Pungo HospitalNorth Carolina10.2MicroCAH201425None
37Mid-Valley HospitalPennsylvania1MetroCAH201425Urgent or Emergency Care
36Nicholas County HospitalKentucky10.2NeitherCAH201416None
35Good Shepherd Medical CenterTexas10.1NeitherCAH201425None
34North Adams Regional HospitalMassachusetts4.1MetroMDH 201498Urgent or Emergency Care
33Lake Whitney Medical CenterTexas10.1NeitherMDH201449None
32Gibson General HospitalTennessee7NeitherMDH201441Urgent or Emergency Care
31Humboldt General HospitalTennessee7.1NeitherPPS201442Urgent or Emergency Care
30Florala Memorial HospitalAlabama3NeitherPPS201322Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
29Starr Regional Medical Center-EtowahTennessee7.2MicroMDH201360Urgent or Emergency Care
28Wise Regional Health System-Bridgeport Texas7.0MetroPPS201335Urgent or Emergency Care
27St. Andrews HospitalMaine10NeitherCAH201325Urgent or Emergency Care
26Blowing Rock HospitalNorth Carolina10.1MicroCAH201325Nursing or Rehabilitation Facility
25Lee Regional Medical CenterVirginia10.1NeitherMDH201370None
24Charlton Memorial HospitalGeorgia2NeitherCAH201315None
23Patient’s Choice Medical Center of Humphreys CountyMississippi7.2NeitherCAH201325None
22Shelby Regional Medical CenterTexas7.2Neither PPS201354None
22Corcoran District HospitalCalifornia4.1MetroPPS201332Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
20Calhoun Mem HospitalGeorgia2NeitherCAH201325Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
19Stewart-Webster HospitalGeorgia10.1NeitherCAH201325None
18Elba General HospitalAlabama10.2MicroMDH201320Nursing or Rehabilitation Facility
17Renaissance Hospital TerrellTexas4.1Metro PPS2013106None
16Chilton Medical CenterAlabama7.1MetroPPS201227None
15Muskogee Community HospitalOklahoma4MicroPPS201245Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
14Florence Community HealthcareArizona4.1MetroCAH201225None
13Hart County HospitalGeorgia7NeitherMDH201282None
12Cheboygan Memorial HospitalMchigan7NeitherCAH201225Urgent or Emergency Care
11Saint Catherine Medical Center Fountain SpringsPennsylvania7.2MicroPPS201253None
10Bamberg County Memorial HospitalSouth Carolina7.2NeitherPPS201259None
9Physicians Choice Hospital-FremontOhio4MicroPPS20128None
8Hualapai Mountain Medical CenterArizona4MetroPPS201170Nursing or Rehabilitation Facility
7SouthWest Alabama Medical CenterAlabama7.1NeitherPPS201127None
6Central Kansas Medical CenterKansas4MicroRe-based SCH201141Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
5Randolph Medical CenterAlabama7.2NeitherCAH201112None
4Franciscan Skemp Medical CenterWisconsin7NeitherCAH201125Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
3Lakeside Medical CenterMinnesota7.1NeitherPPS201010Nursing or Rehabilitation Facility
2Holy Infant HospitalSouth Dakota10NeitherRe-based SCH201022Outpatient/Primary Care/Rural Health Clinic
1Kingsburg Medical CenterCalifornia4.1MetroPPS201015None

What is a rural hospital?

A rural hospital is any short-term, general acute, non-federal hospital that is a. not located in a metropolitan county OR b. is located in a RUCA type 4 or higher OR c. is a Critical Access Hospital.


What is a closed hospital?

We follow the convention of the Office of Inspector General that a closed hospital is “A facility that stopped providing general, short-term, acute inpatient care [….] We did not consider a hospital closed if it: Merged with, or was sold to, another hospital but the physical plant continued to provide inpatient acute care, Converted to critical access status, or Both closed and reopened during the same calendar year and at the same physical location.”

Note that a facility that closed its inpatient unit but continued to provide emergency and outpatient services at the same physical location would be considered a “closed hospital” that “converted” to offer other health services. Likewise, a facility that dramatically scaled back its inpatient services (e.g. from 70 beds to 2) would be considered “open” because it continues to provide inpatient services (albeit in a vastly reduced manner).

In some instances, a hospital closes but reopens in another location.  In these circumstances, we use our best judgment as to whether access to inpatient services in the rural community was considerably affected by the move to the new location.  A move across town or outside city limits would generally not be considered a “closure”; reopening in a community 10-15 miles away, however, likely would.


How do you gather information about closures?

We collect information from various sources, including web searches, news alerts, analyses of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data, information exchange with the National Rural Health Association, the federal Office of Rural Health Policy, and from submission by the public.


How do you track closures?
Once we have identified rural hospitals at risk, we monitor them to gather information on why and when the will closure occur. We also monitor these facilities even after the closure occurred. Closed hospitals can re-open.
A “closed but re-opened” hospital will appear on lists and maps produced for the public. These closures are usually identified by the assumption that there is no intent or action plan to re-open as a hospital at the time of closure. This closure would have previously been included in our count of closed rural hospitals at one point in the past.


Are rural hospital closures a new phenomenon?

No. Policymakers began paying attention in the late 1980s. The Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted a report in 1989 examining closures in 1987; because there was so much interest, the report was repeated on an annual basis for a few years. As the rate slowed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, interest waned until recently.


Why have closures increased lately? Is it the effect of ___(policy)___?

Closures have been ticking up since the recession of 2008-2009. There are likely multiple contributing factors, including failure to recover from the recession, population demographic trends, market trends (e.g. increased rates of merger and affiliation), decreased demand for inpatient services, and new models of care (e.g. Accountable Care Organizations). Long-standing trends – such as generally poorer financial performance in the South – may contribute to closure rates. Some observers have noted the potential effect of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) and/or the correlation with a state’s decision of whether to expand Medicaid.


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