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SC Evaluation Report Supplement 2007

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Recommendation to CMS on Primary Care Referrals

Physician fees states summary

SC NC LA Service Codes

Provider Mix by State

Contraceptive Index

Effectiveness Table 2007 – 2009

Notes on Measuring Birth Spacing

Estimated Eligible Population

First Indicator Summary

Primary Care Referral State Materials

Strategies for Measuring Primary Care Referrals

State Family Planning Waiver Evaluation Indicators by Topic Focus

State Family Planning Waiver Evaluation Indicators (Feb 2011 version) & Budget Neutrality Calculations Worksheet

Financial Evaluation Indicators Summary Sheet (SC, TX, AR, NC) May 2011

SC Outcome Indicators

JAMA article on Birth Spacing (referenced in June 2011 conference call minutes)

Rates of Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight as Clinical Outcomes for Family Planning Waiver Programs

CMS Guidance Letter (referenced in January 2012 conference call minutes)

Common Indicators with States Collecting Data by Indicator

Lessons Learned from Medicaid 1115 Family Planning Demonstration Programs

Waiver Evaluation Logic Model Objectives

Title X Program Guidelines Revision Process (OPA Webinar Presentation slides)

Data Worksheet for Eligibles and Users

Budget Neutrality Special Terms and Conditions

AL Budget Neutrality STC

AR Budget Neutrality STC

Births Averted Chapter

IL Budget Neutrality STC

LA Budget Neutrality STC

NC Budget Neutrality STC

SC Budget Neutrality STC

TX Budget Neutrality STC

Supplemental Texas Documents

VA Budget Neutrality STC

Articles for Pregnancy Intendedness

Reasons for and Challenges of Recent Increases in Teen Birth Rates

State Policy Effects on Teen Fertility and Evidence-Based Policies, Editorial, JAH 2010

Subsidized Contraception, Fertility, and Sexual Behavior

The Effect of Medicaid Family Planning Expansions on Unplanned Births

Next Steps for America’s Family Planning Program