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Empowering Youth: Nationwide Perspectives on Abortion Knowledge and Access Post-Dobbs

Child & Adolescent Health Services researcher, Dr. Bianca Allison, MD, MPH, recently authored an exciting article titled, “The Perceived Impact of a Post-Dobbs Landscape on U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults” in the Journal, Contraception.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, a nationwide survey conducted through the MyVoice project reveals the nuanced perspectives and knowledge of adolescents and young adults on abortion-related topics. The study, which involved a qualitative content analysis of responses from 565 participants aged 14-24, uncovers a spectrum of emotions and opinions surrounding state-level changes to abortion access.

Conversations about abortion predominantly occur among peers, with a significant portion of respondents advocating for autonomous access to abortion care without parental consent, underscoring the value they place on individual rights. The findings also highlight the respondents’ ability to critically evaluate the trustworthiness of online information about abortion, a crucial skill in the digital age. This research underscores the importance of considering the views and needs of young people in shaping abortion-related policies and practices that respect their autonomy and facilitate barrier-free access to care.

Read the article here.