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Exploring the Complexity of Telehealth Privacy Through a Lens of Adolescent Development

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Dr. Allison

Dr. Perry

Drs. Bianca Allison and Martha Perry from UNC’s Department of Pediatrics recently published an article looking at how the complexity of telehealth privacy affects adolescent development.  The article is co-authored by Drs. Allison and Perry, along with their colleagues at Rutgers University, Drs. Lisa Mikesell and Catherine Cuddihy, and Wayne State University, Dr. Samantha Rea.

This qualitative study revealed that privacy during all healthcare visits, and particularly telehealth video visits, is complex in how it is defined, organized, and prioritized by adolescents and parents.  Although there is widespread understanding by the medical community that privacy is a crucial aspect for adolescent health care, this study goes further to say that privacy not only shapes the way health care delivery occurs, but that ensuring opportunities for private healthcare encounters, we can help support adolescents in achieving the four central goals of their development as defined by Blum et al. (2014).

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