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NCNC Presentations at the NAPCRG Conference

At the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) PBRN meeting the collaborating PBRNs of the North Carolina Network Consortium (NCNC) are presenting a poster Lessons Learned During Year 1 of a State-Wide PBRN Collaboration on Dissemination of a Shared Decision Making Toolkit. This toolkit for shared decision making with asthma patients is being disseminated to primary care and pediatric clinics across the state of North Carolina.

Jacquie Halladay will be presenting the poster The Practice Level Costs of Office-based Hypertension Performance Improvement Activities: The Heart Healthy Lenoir (HHL) Study. The HHL study is a community-based research project to improve the health of North Carolinians living in the “Stroke Belt”.

NCNC will be one of the PBRNs participating in a panel discussion entitled Powering Up: Lessons Learned from Project Collaborations Across Multiple PBRN Networks. On the panel are four diverse PBRNs will discuss their work on collaborative projects across multiple PBRNs, distill key similarities and differences, barriers and facilitators, and disseminate lessons learned.