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New NC Workforce Blog: racial/ethnic diversity trends

Trends in the racial and ethnic diversity of NC health professions

Brianna Lombardi, Haley Simons, Connor Sullivan, Evan Galloway, and Erin Fraher examined trends in the racial/ethnic diversity of health workforce in North Carolina using the Health Professions Data System’s (HPDS) licensure data from 2009-2022. They specifically analyzed how four of the North Carolina health professions’ (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and optometrists) diversity changed over time between 2009 and 2022 and compare the diversity of current NC practitioners (physicians, dentists, and pharmacists) with recent graduates (2017-2021). They also explored the racial/ethnic diversity of physicians and dentists that practice in NC that were educated in NC compared to those educated out-of-state.


To read their findings, visit this blog on the NC Health Workforce website.