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New published research: Communication About ADHD and Its Treatment During Pediatric Asthma Visits

Betsy Sleath has a new article published in the Community Mental Health Journal entitled Communication About ADHD and Its Treatment During Pediatric Asthma Visits.  Additional authors include Sandra H. Sulzer, Delesha M. Carpenter, Catherine Slota, Christopher Gillette, Robyn Sayner, Stephanie Davis and Adrian Sandler

This study looked at provider-family communication about attention deficit disorder (ADHD) during pediatric asthma visits.  From this study we learned that providers were more likely to discuss, educate, and ask one or more questions about ADHD medications if the visit was non-asthma related. If a child has both ADHD and another chronic illness, such as asthma, providers may neglect key aspects of good ADHD management and communication. Providers, parents and children need to work together on mutual decision-making to discuss treatment options, identify symptoms and improve communications over ADHD issues.

Abstract Available at PubMed