Addressing “Stress” in the Health Care Workforce

Human Resources for Health The term “stress” is used to describe conditions where supply trends move differently than they have in the past Workforce problems and solutions Past and current research themes Questions to be asked    

Shaping Health Workforce Policy through Data-Driven Analyses

The Sheps/NC AHEC Collaboration The NC Health Professions Data System (HPDS) Lessons Learned The Challenge: Defining AHEC role in context of declining funding and limited national capacity for workforce planning Moving Forward: Technical Assistance    

Aligning Graduate Medical Education with Surgical Workforce Needs

What changes are needed to better align GME policy to meet the surgical health needs of the US population? Projection of future supply of surgeons for 12 ACGME surgical specialties Cartographic analyses showing geographic distribution of surgery services Synthesis of lessons learned from state-based initiatives to expand GME training    

The Status of Health Professions Diversity in North Carolina

Diversity and emerging workforce shortages Where do the data come from and what are strengths/limitations? What does health workforce diversity currently look like in the state? How has workforce diversity changed over time? Where are NC’s diverse practitioners educated? Data reflections: What does it all mean?    

Meeting the Demands of a Transformed Health Care System

Retooling and Reconfiguring North Carolina’s Health Workforce to Meet the Demands of a Transformed Health Care System Why we need to retool and reconfigure the workforce Current challenges Future challenges What is needed to move toward a transformed system? Alignment of AHEC traditional mission with goals of health reform    

Trends in Graduate Medical Education in North Carolina and the United States

GME is hot topic (and not just for policy wonks) North Carolina versus the United States — how do we compare? Residents trained in North Carolina – retention, specialty choice and distribution AHEC’s contribution to residency training in NC GME costs and funding Time to change the GME training paradigm?    

Meeting the Needs of a Transformed Health System

Reconfiguring and Retooling the Workforce To Meet the Needs of a Transformed Health System Current policy context Health workforce planning in the past Health workforce planning in the future What can we learn from New Zealand?  

Graduate Medical Education in the US

Lessons Learned from State Initiatives May 21, 2014: CMMI SIM Team Webinar Why Study States? • Most discussion has been national, our study examines state initiatives • In absence of substantive federal policy change, states are “policy laboratories” for GME innovation We sought to: understand successes and failures of state innovations identify innovative ideas about… Read more »

Timing and Effect of Branching and Switching during Graduate Medical Education

It’s Complicated: Quantifying the Magnitude, Timing and Effect of Branching and Switching during Graduate Medical Education May 1, 2014: AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference Presentation This presentation was originally given at the AAMC Health Workforce Conference 1st May 2014 using Tableau® ( Due to data use agreements it is not possible to distribute the Tableau… Read more »

How Physicians Change Clinical Focus During the Course of Their Career

Toward developing a better understanding of how physicians change clinical focus during the course of their career April 25, 2014: American Board of Medical Specialties National Health Policy Forum The context: Rapid health system change underway. Much debate has centered on: numbers of physicians needed, not content of practice redesigning curriculum for students in pipeline… Read more »

Meeting the Needs of a Transformed Health System 3-25-14

How can we transform the workforce to meet the needs of a transformed health system? March 25, 2014: North Carolina Community College System, CE Leadership Institute Framing this presentation People ask us: “Will North Carolina have the right number of health professionals it needs now and in the future?” I’d like to reframe as: What… Read more »

Health Workforce Supply in North Carolina

Future Trends, Opportunities and Challenges December 16, 2013: NC Legislative Review Committee on Health Care Provider Practice Sustainability and Training/Additional Transparency Presentation overview The context Current challenges The health workforce of the future What do we need to do now to prepare for health workforce needed in the future?  

Graduate Medical Education in the US

Lessons Learned from State Initiatives September 25, 2013: National Health Policy Forum Presentation Overview Our interviews paint a picture of states having much to risk and much to gain, but missing out on important opportunities to reform GME. 10 Lessons Learned Recommendations for Model State Legislation