Graduate Medical Education in the US

Lessons Learned from State Initiatives September 25, 2013: National Health Policy Forum Presentation Overview Our interviews paint a picture of states having much to risk and much to gain, but missing out on important opportunities to reform GME. 10 Lessons Learned Recommendations for Model State Legislation  

North Carolina’s Rural Health Workforce: Challenges and Strategies

July 31, 2013: North Carolina Institute of Medicine Rural Health Task Force Main Themes Health professional supply in rural areas has remained stagnant Gap between well supplied and not well supplied continues to grow How can we address these challenges? Train workers in rural areas Pay incentives to work in rural areas Recruit workers who… Read more »

Trends in Graduate Medical Education

February 20, 2013: NC Hospital CEOs and AHEC Directors Meeting Presentation Overview GME is hot topic (and not just for policy wonks) North Carolina versus the United States — how do we compare? Residents trained in North Carolina — retention, specialty choice and distribution AHEC’s contribution to residency training in NC GME costs and funding… Read more »

Health Workforce Modeling

Health Workforce Modeling: Past, Present and Future Challenges and Opportunities May 3, 2013: AAMC Physician Workforce Research Conference A sandbox approach to this presentation Limitations of past models Overview of our physician projection model Challenges Geography Utilization Supply Plasticity Accounting for error Dynamism and relevance User interface  

GME in the United States: A Review of State Initiatives

The debate on how best to reform and fund Graduate Medical Education (GME) is moving up the health policy agenda. Most of the proposals are coming from national organizations offering national solutions. Often absent from the discussion is the important role states play in reforming GME. The Program on Health Workforce Research and Policy, part… Read more »