Cherie Rosemond, PT, PhD, GCS

Rosemond_tnResearch Scientist at the Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Rosemond’s research interests are related to the long term care experiences of older adults. Using concepts from the business literature related to innovation implementation, her research is directed towards ways complex health organizations can effectively implement innovations to improve the quality of their care. For example, her research entitled Implementing Person Centered Care in Nursing Homes demonstrated that the quality and consistency of management communications about person centered care was key to effective implementation. Additionally, Dr. Rosemond is involved in initiatives to address the shortages of healthcare professionals trained in geriatrics and gerontology. Accordingly, she has served as co-director of the Hubbard Program: Collaborative Clinical Care in Geriatrics and Program Advisor to SHAC: Beyond Clinic Walls. These two home visiting programs train students from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and public health to better understand the home and family as contexts for care decisions. Along with her colleagues Jen Craft Morgan, PhD and Peter Stein, PhD, Dr. Rosemond was awarded a Senior Service of America, Inc. grant to investigate the potential for older workers to be employed in health sector jobs. Dr. Rosemond is board certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as a geriatric clinical specialist. She obtained her doctorate in Health Behavior and Health Education from UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, her master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Duke University, and her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Wake Forest University.