UNC Rural Health Research Seminar Series

CANCELLED March 24 session- Next session TBD

Join us at our 2nd monthly Rural Health Research Series meeting where will convene to focus on how we can further advance our science, student opportunities, and funding potential.

CANCELLED:  March 24th at 3:00pm
215 Health Sciences Library


Who should attend? Any staff, students or faculty interested in rural health

Purpose: To raise awareness of the ongoing work, encourage connection and collaboration,  and share current projects and research

Rural and urban areas in the United States, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of a rural health research seminar series at UNC. This seminar is designed to unite researchers from across the university whose work pertains to the study of rural health and health care. Excellent research is already being conducted at the university in multiple disciplines, from health services research to nutrition, and from public policy to journalism, so this seminar series is designed to raise awareness of the ongoing work and to encourage connection and collaboration among the individuals and teams currently studying rural health. We hope the collaboration will stretch across both disciplines and institutions. We expect participation from researchers, staff and students from the Sheps Center for Health Services Research, the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, the North Carolina Network Consortium, the Lineberger Cancer Center among others. Given the ongoing interest and national attention focused on rural areas, we feel like this is a timely and important opportunity to bring rural researchers together.  The series will be open to all faculty, researchers and students who wish to attend, regardless of current involvement in rural health research.

We envision a series of monthly meetings beginning in February 2020. The first meeting will be on February 20, with subsequent meetings in March and April. In the first meeting we will explore potential opportunities and direction based on group interest. We envision that it will consist of introductions, both to the current rural health research projects and to the people involved in these projects. Subsequent meetings will serve as opportunities for people to share and present ongoing research, either to obtain feedback or simply to increase awareness of the ongoing work. Presenters can be faculty, researchers or students at the university, and they may also include those outside of the university, such as those from other universities, those in policy, or those in the commercial sector. Eventually, we hope to launch a statewide rural health conference.

For more information contact: ncrural@schsr.unc.edu