Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks (ACTION II)

The goal of ACTION II is to promote and accelerate the development, implementation, dissemination and sustainability of evidence-based innovation in health care delivery and organization to measurably improve health care in the U.S. In support of this goal, ACTION II will focus on practice-based research to achieve the following four objectives: (1) implementation of a proof of concept, through which a previously untested innovation is tested on a small scale to demonstrate its feasibility for addressing an identified problem; (2) implementation of an innovation or improvement approach to provide information for decision-makers about structural, contextual and process factors that play a critical role in increasing (or reducing) the chances that a proven, evidence-based innovation will actually work in a given setting; (3) spread, or the taking to scale, of one or more proven innovations or delivery system improvements, including the active, wide dissemination of information about what works, accompanied by concrete guidance on how to maximize the likelihood of successful implementation and sustainability; and (4) sustainability, to increase knowledge about the factors that contribute to, or impede, the long term sustainability of innovation. Note: This is a Master Task submission; there are no specific tasks for this master contract proposal.

Principal Investigator: Sheryl Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Funding: Abt Associates, Inc via AHRQ

Total Project Period: 07/01/2010 – 06/30/2015