Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Measure Development Contract (QM.D.C)

This Scope of Work: UNC shall furnish personnel, information and materials as reasonably necessary to successfully accomplish assigned RFTO tasks through contribution of analytic data capacity, measurement expertise, content expertise (e.g., in areas of needed clinical specialties, health services research, health economics, and other areas central to assigned RFTOs), and/or tool development. UNC shall work with AIR to determine whether or not to submit proposals to future RFTO bids and will work with AIR on any future work that warrants their areas of expertise. UNC’s areas of expertise potentially utilized in RFTO bids include, but may not be limited to: improving the science of quality measure development, psychometric testing, and other analyses; innovating, expanding and integrating the range of data considered in quality measurement development, including capacity for data collection, storage, security, manipulation, and integration; and fostering and facilitating the use and adoption of quality measures developed under the AHRQ QM.D.C’s RFTOs, including dissemination and knowledge transfer, communication strategies and materials development, trainings and/or webinars, stakeholder engagement and needs analysis, usability testing, and development of tools and products to meet the needs of end users.

Principal Investigator: Janet Freburger, Ph.D.

Funding: American Institutes for Research via AHRQ

Total Project Period: 08/15/2011-08/01/2016