ALMA – Amigas Latinas Motivando el Alma/Latina Friends Motivating the Soul

Peer education has been a successful technique to disseminate information and facilitate behavior change. Funded by the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, this project focuses on promoting emotional health and reducing mental health stressors for Latinas. Via a peer education model, trained Latinas offer coping skills for other Latinas in their community. Phase 1: Develop and pilot a lay health advisor (promotora) stress reduction intervention for recently immigrating Latinas in three counties. Phase 2: Evaluate the effectiveness of ALMA intervention in comparison to a control intervention. Identify policy and community barriers to mental health parity among Latinos using Photovoice with promotoras and companeras. Photovoice is a method that organizations and communities can use to identify and discuss issues that lead to action or other change. Photos and stories from the Photovoice process are shared during a community forum with local policy makers and other stakeholders.

Principal Investigator: Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MScĀ (Co-PI)

Primary Funding Source: GlaxoSmithKine Foundation

Total Project Period: 8/1/2006-8/31/2012