Center for Healthy North Carolina Evaluation

Dr. Radford will serve as the Consulting Evaluator for the NC Public Health Foundation (NCPHF) Center for Healthy North Carolina. Her major responsibilities will include the following: 1. Assist NCPHF staff in conducting a gap analysis of HNC2020 technical assistance options and developing a set of recommendations to guide the development of state, regional, and local focus areas 2. Develop evaluation metrics in collaboration with NCPHF staff as needed in response to recommendations from the NC Institute of Medicine’s Evidence Based Strategies for Public Health Task Force. 3. Work with NCPHF and DPH staff to develop a multi-year qualitative evaluation plan including process and outcome measures for use in evaluating the Center for Healthy North Carolina and the programs/initiatives implemented by the Center’s community partners. 4. Consult with key community partners (as identified by NCPHF) to develop evaluation plans for local HNC 2020 effort and to maximize the utilization of available data. 5. Meet with NCPHF staff as needed to discuss data, analyses, program needs and modify deliverables as needed.

Principal Investigator: Andrea Radford

Funding: NC Public Health Foundation

Total Project Period: 07/01/2012-06/30/2013