Communication about Glaucoma and Patient Outcomes

Between 9 and 12% of all blindness in the United States is attributed to glaucoma. The absence of symptoms in glaucoma patients increases the risk of regimen non-adherence among these patients. Approximately 50% of individuals who start on glaucoma medications discontinue them within 6 months. Provider-patient communication about glaucoma and its treatment can be a critical factor that impacts initial treatment adherence and persistence. Little is known about provider-glaucoma patient communication. This project will examine how the provider-patient communication that occurs when patients are initially started on glaucoma medication treatment impacts medication adherence, medication persistence, and intraocular pressure (IOP) during the 8 month period after the drops are started The findings from this study can be used to educate providers and patients about how to optimize communication during glaucoma visits to assure improved patient outcomes.

Principal Investigator: Betsy Sleath, PhD
Primary Funding Source: National Eye Institute
Total Project Period: 5/1/09-4/30/13