Expansion of the Region IV Network for Data Management & Utilization (RNDMU) Project to Continue to Address Issues Related to the Evaluation of the Impact of Family Planning Services and to Continue to Address Issues of Women’s Health in General

In an effort to continue to help states better identify their women’s health problems and plan and evaluate services to address these problems, the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research has been asked to provide the following services to the DHHS Regional Office and family planning directors in the eight states in DHHS Region IV: 1) hold a workshop in Chapel Hill to continue discussion within the Region related to the use of data to better plan for and evaluate family planning services and women’s health services; 2) monitor the quality of the RNDMU data collected and clear-up any problems with inconsistent or inappropriate definitions; 3) produce an annual RNDMU databook to contain indicators on women’s and infant’s health; 4) update the section of the Sheps Center’s Internet site with a copy of the 2009 RNDMU databook; and 5) update the section of the Sheps Center’s Internet site which contains the Excel version of all the RNDMU data.

Principal Investigator: Julia L. DeClerque, Dr.P.H.

Funding Source: Planned Parenthood of the Greater Miami Valley

Total Project Period: 9/30/09 – 9/29/13