EPC III, Task Order #10, Demonstration of Health Literacy Precautions Toolkit – Methods Project on Bayesian Mixed Treatment Comparisons. Findings of Bayesian Mixed Treatment Comparison Meta-Analyses: Comparison and Exploration Using Real-World Data and Simulation

The main objectives of this RTI-UNC-CH Evidence-based Practice Center methods project are to contribute to the body of literature on MTC meta-analysis by examining (1a) how results of Bayesian MTC methods compare with several frequentist indirect methods for various types of outcome measures, (1b) how Bayesian MTC methods perform for different types of evidence network patterns, (2) how study level covariates can be incorporated with Bayesian MTC meta-analysis to explore heterogeneity through meta-regression, and (3) how findings of Bayesian MTC meta-analysis compare for different numbers of studies and different network pattern assumptions.

Principal Investigator: Daniel E. Jonas, M.D., M.P.H.

Task Principal Investigator: Austin Rose, M.D.

Funding: RTI via AHRQ

Total Project Period: 04/06/2011-06/30/2012