Implementing Systemic Interventions to Close the Discovery-Delivery Gap

This project examined the implementation, impact, sustainability, and business case of the NCI’s Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP), a federally funded national provider-based research network (PBRN) that NIH sees as a model for PBRNs in other disease areas. Specifically, the project is: 1) investigating the implementation of the CCOP in community-based practice settings through in-depth case studies of three newly funded CCOP organizations and a survey of all 50 CCOP organizations; 2) examining the impact of the CCOP on clinical practice through longitudinal analysis of adoption rates of evidence-based cancer therapies by CCOP-affiliated and non-CCOP-affiliated providers using SEER-Medicare data; 3) assessing the factors affecting sustainability of the CCOP in community-based practice settings through a longitudinal analysis of all CCOP organizations active from 1991 through 2003; and 4) investigating the business case for CCOP participation by providers through analysis of financial and statistical data and in-depth case studies.

Principal Investigator: Bryan J. Weiner, Ph.D.

Source: National Cancer Institute, NIH

Total Project Period: 08/15/07 – 06/30/13