Project CONNECT / Community Bridges to Cancer Clinical Trials

The goal of Project CONNECT, an initiative funded by EXPORT, is to increase the number of African Americans involved in clinical research. Over 800 community members are enrolled in the Project CONNECT registry and receive information regarding health-related research studies. Project CONNECT also coordinates Community Bridges, an initiative to increase awareness and access to cancer clinical trials among diverse communities in North Carolina by: 1) developing culturally relevant cancer clinical trials education materials, and 2) providing cancer clinical trials training for community partners specializing in cancer prevention and screening education and outreach. Outcomes of Community Bridges include cancer clinical trials education, and culturally relevant social marketing materials. Phase 1: Pilot test three formats of cancer clinical trials education (workshop, role-play, and call and response). Phase 2: Pilot test training of the trainers (TOT) training of Community Bridges to Cancer Clinical Trials workshops within church settings. A comparison workshop called Finding Your Voice provides training in healthcare advocacy, tissue and organ donation, and advance care planning.

Princiapl Investigator: Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MSc 

Primary Funding Source: NIH- NCMHD

Total Project Period: 6/1/2002- 5/31/2013