UNC-CH/Duke Program on Mental Health Services Research

Joseph P. Morrissey, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Related Publications

This multidisciplinary program was funded by a seven-year (1993-00) research center grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and developed in collaboration with investigators at UNC-CH, the Duke University Medical Center, and Policy Research Associates, Inc. In addition to developing an administrative core which built upon a set of productive and long-term working relationships among the collaborating institutions, policy relevant developmental studies were carried out in three core research areas:

  • Integrated services and systems
  • Criminal justice-mental health linkages
  • Violence, mental illness and the law

To support this program, Public-Academic Liaison (PAL) relationships were developed with state and local programs in North Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Washington. Emphasis was given to the dissemination of mental health services research findings for policy and program development that benefit people with severe mental disorders. Numerous publications were produced by this program involving both UNC-CH and Duke University investigators.