UNC Post-Doctoral Training Program in Comparative Effectiveness Research

This program will build on over 20 years of collaboration between the Sheps Center and AHRQ in pre and post-doctoral training in health services research. CER is a growing interdisciplinary activity, drawing from the disciplines of clinical medicine, epidemiology, health policy and pharmacy. Our society has an urgent need to evaluate the best strategies of diagnostic testing and treatment so as to improve care for our citizens. The components of CER include: evaluation of current evidence through systematic reviews; observational studies and analyses such as pharmacoepidemiology and modeling research; conduct of large effectiveness trials; and dissemination and implementation activities. Fellows will be expected to participate in ongoing content and methods research. Didactic work will include degree granting programs through UNC-CH’s MPH or MS program for clinicians. PhD’s will enroll in selected courses. Specialized courses in CER methods are included in these curricula, as well as elsewhere on campus. Fellows will participate in a weekly integrative seminar, as well as a weekly seminar on CER methods.

Principal Investigator:   Timothy Carey, MD, MPH
Funding:  AHRQ
Total Project Period:     07/01/2010 – 06/30/2013