Ethnicity and Postpartum Depression

The project will involve recruiting a sample of 75 women at the Alamance county health department (25 Hispanic, 25 African American, and 25 white) at their second trimester visits (preferably the fifth month) and using the interviewer-administered version of the Beck Depression Inventory, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, self esteem, hopefulness, positive well-being, and social support instruments.

Structure, Use and Expenditures for Autism Services

This 4-year study, 2002-2006, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and carried out in conjunction with Division TEACCH at the University of North Carolina, seeks to develop a services research approach to understanding the structure, utilization, and expenditures for the care and treatment of autism.

Women, Co-Occurring Disorders and Violence Project

The coordinating center managed a 9-site quasi-experimental cost-effectiveness study of integrated services for women with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders and histories of violence.

Expansion of Research Capability to Study Comparative Effectiveness in Complex Patients

The purpose of the project is to create a data infrastructure for comparative effectiveness research by linking health care data bases relevant to the care of complex patients and conducting a small research study as proof of concept that the infrastructure created is accessible and can be used to address important questions in comparative effectiveness research.

Employment of Adults with Disabilities under the North Carolina Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG)

The goal is to assist the MIG2 effort to develop a comprehensive and lasting employment infrastructure in North Carolina that coordinates disparate state service delivery systems in order to maximize employment for people with disabilities, increase the state’s labor force through the inclusion of people with disabilities, and protect and enhance workers’ healthcare, other benefits, and needed employment supports.