Center for Healthy North Carolina Evaluation

Dr. Radford will serve as the Consulting Evaluator for the NC Public Health Foundation (NCPHF) Center for Healthy North Carolina. Her major responsibilities will include the following: 1. Assist NCPHF staff in conducting a gap analysis of HNC2020 technical assistance options and developing a set of recommendations to guide the development of state, regional, and… Read more »

Evaluation of the PAP Pilot Project

The MARP program has worked well in North Carolina and offers the potential to greatly enhance low-income rural residents’ access to needed pharmaceuticals.

Rural Medicaid and CHIP Mini-Studies

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are important sources of health insurance coverage in rural communities and it is likely that the importance of rural Medicaid /CHIP will grow as job-based health insurance coverage continues to erode and policymakers pursue the goal of expanding coverage.

Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program Evaluation

The North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center is collaborating with the University of Minnesota and the University of Maine in a comprehensive multi-year review of the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex Program).