2001 North Carolina Physicians

Medical School and Residency Training A comparison of demographic, geographic and practice characteristics of licensed North Carolina physicians by location of medical school and residency training.  

A Study of Associate Degree Nursing Program Success

Evidence from the 2002 Cohort This study was undertaken at the request of the North Carolina Community College System to examine factors contributing to the success of ADN programs in NC community colleges. It expands the current evidence base that can be used to inform efforts to reduce student attrition.

A New Open-Source, Dynamic Model for Projecting Physician Supply and Demand

Model Overview With a grant from the Physicians Foundation, the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research (Sheps Center) is developing a dynamic, open-source, web-based tool to project physician supply and demand and estimates of shortages in the United States. The model will be intuitive, easy to use, customizable, and freely available to all… Read more »

Pharmacists in North Carolina: Steady Numbers, Changing Roles

Executive Summary (February 2014) This study of the pharmacy workforce in NC was conducted by the Program on Health Workforce Research and Policy at the Cecil G. Sheps Center (Sheps Center) in response to a request by the University of North Carolina General Administration. Key Findings: NC Has a Strong Supply of Pharmacists The Pharmacist… Read more »

Physician Supply and Distribution in NC: Geography, Demography, Policy

Geography, Demography, Policy (NCIOM) Describe the geographic distribution of physicians in NC Describe the age-gender structure of NC physicians Comment on policies in other states and changes in production of     physicians Opportunities for growth and collaboration Comment on potential changes in NC    

Addressing “Stress” in the Health Care Workforce

Human Resources for Health The term “stress” is used to describe conditions where supply trends move differently than they have in the past Workforce problems and solutions Past and current research themes Questions to be asked    

Trends in the Supply and Distribution of Optometrists in North Carolina

January 21, 2014: NC Legislative Review Committee on Health Care Provider Practice Sustainability and Training/Additional Transparency Presentation overview What I covered in December, agenda for today Supply of optometrists – how many is enough? Benchmark to national ratios Monitor trends over time Distribution of optometrists – are they where we need them? Rural versus urban… Read more »

A Study of Associate Degree Nursing Program Success

Evidence from the 2002 Cohort The Current Policy Context Key Findings of Factors Affecting: Graduation Rates NCLEX Pass Rates Retention in NC Workforce Policy Implications and Conclusions Recommendations