A Plasticity Approach that Recognizes Overlapping and Dynamic Scopes of Services in Team Based Models of Care

Product type: Keynote presentation to HRSA Expert Advisory Committee on Behavioral Health Workforce Modeling. Rockville MD. October 1, 2018.

Presenters: Fraher E, Knapton A, Holmes GM.


  • Many workforce models aim to answer numeric question of too many or
    too few health professionals
  • We tried to address these issues by developing a model
    that uses a “Plasticity Matrix” to map demand to supply
  • We use plasticity matrix to match supply to utilization
    and determine “workforce capacity” at sub state levels
  • We wanted to develop a model that:
    • Focused on visits needed, not physicians in shortage
    • Took “capacity approach” to show how different
      specialties/professions could meet demand vs silo based
    • Encouraged stakeholders to use data to redesign workforce
      and delivery of health care services
    • Highlighted geographic disparities, not just overall supply

Check out the full presentation here