Family Medicine’s Leadership Role in Redesigning Care and Training under Value Based Care

Product type: Keynote presentation delivered at Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, August 2020.

Authors: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP


  • Perspective as non-clinician researcher and policy wonk
  • We are in uncharted waters
  • Data and evidence must be our north star
    • Pre pandemic period : shift to value and addressing SDOH
    • Pandemic period : care disruptions, telehealth, health disparities
    • Post pandemic period : financial crisis, building evidence
    • Data and evidence must be our north star
  • Family Medicine offices are “Living Laboratories”: gather evidence to educate payers, policy makers, health system leaders around value of family medicine and need for payment reform
  • Need to develop capacity to document, frame and message evidence

Check out the full presentation here.