North Carolina’s Physician Training Programs Are Not Producing the Workforce Needed to Meet Population Health Needs

February 12, 2018

Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP

Presentation to the Joint Oversight Subcommittee on Medical Education Programs and Medical Residency Programs, North Carolina General Assembly

Presentation Overview

  • Goal of this presentation: provide data on workforce outcomes of GME training requested in S.L. 2017-57, Sec. 11J.2 (SB 257, Sec. 11J.2)
  • North Carolina doesn’t face an overall physician shortage. We face a shortage of physicians in rural areas and needed specialties
  • Some residency programs are producing workforce needed for our state; most are not
  • North Carolina can fix this—but we need transparency and accountability in spending and outcomes
  • There are lessons to learn from other states’ efforts to reform Medicaid GME


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This work was supported by the University of North Carolina System and the North Carolina AHEC Program.