The State of the Physician Workforce in North Carolina: Overall Physician Supply Will Likely Be Sufficient but Is Maldistributed by Specialty and Geography

The number of physicians in North Carolina currently meets the needs of the population, but there are problems with geographic and specialty distribution. The match of supply to demand is likely to remain in rough balance due to the rapid increase in the number of new medical schools in the nation, the expansion of medical school classes in North Carolina, and a similar, but smaller increase in the number of post-graduate residency programs in the US and NC. There has been a very rapid increase in the number of physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) actively practicing in the State. Click below to read the entire brief by Dr. Erin Fraher and Julie Spero, published August 27, 2015. (Click here to read the entire news release for the brief)

Medical Education Brief August 2015