North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center

The North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center extends and expands the work of the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program at UNC-CH. This center, one of seven federally-designated rural health research centers funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, primarily focuses on the federal insurance programs Medicare and Medicaid, and their effect on rural populations and providers. In addition, faculty and professionals working with the Center respond to short-term queries using the unique availability of multiple national and special datasets to investigate key rural health policy issues. While the Center is designed for flexibility in order to allow resources the ability to address additional topics as necessary, we currently have seven projects that are under investigation:

  • Policy Analysis Using the Financial Distress Model: Does Medicaid Expansion Affect the Risk of Hospital Financial Distress and Closure?
  • How Have Changes in Insurance Coverage Under Health Reform Affected Uncompensated Care and Financial Performance in Rural Hospitals?
  • The Financial and Community Experience of Sole Community Hospitals in Comparison to Other Rural Hospitals
  • What Would Be the Financial Consequence of Eliminating Low Volume Hospital Payments?
  • Hospital Readmission Following Care in a Swing Bed Facility
  • Swing Bed versus Skilled Nursing Facilities:¬†Length of Stay
  • How Do Costs for Rural Medicare Beneficiaries Using Swing Beds Compare to Those Using Skilled Nursing Facilities?


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