North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center (NC RHR & PAC)
The NC RHR & PAC project focuses primarily on the Federal insurance programs of Medicare and Medicaid and those programs effect on rural populations and providers.

Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program Evaluation (Flex Program)
The Flex Program project is a comprehensive multi-year review of the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program, conducted in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and the University of Maine.

Rapid Response to Requests for Rural Data Analysis and Issue Specific Rural Research
The North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, in conjunction with the RUPRI Center, provides rapid rural data analysis and issue-specific rural research studies in response to emerging policy issues.

Creating a Culture of Health in Appalachia: Disparities and Bright Spots
“Creating a Culture of Health in Appalachia: Disparities and Bright Spots” is an innovative research initiative that aims to identify factors that support a culture of health in Appalachian communities.


Samples of Past Projects

Center for Healthy North Carolina Evaluation (2011-2013)
Dr. Andrea Radford,  Deputy Director of the North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center, serves as the Consulting Evaluator for the NC Public Health Foundation (NCPHF) Center for Healthy North Carolina.

The Importance of Surgery to Rural Hospital Financial Condition and Market Share (2009-10)
This study explored the provision of surgical services in rural hospitals and how surgical services related to financial performance.

Rural Medicaid and CHIP Mini-Studies (2009-10)
Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are important sources of health insurance coverage in rural communities. The goals of this project were to update the State Profiles of Medicaid and CHIP in Rural and Urban Areas website; analyze trends in Medicaid/CHIP enrollment in rural and urban areas over the past two to three years; and explore the future role of CHIP given increasing levels of childhood poverty.

Factors Associated with Provision of Ambulance Services by Rural Hospitals (2009-10)
This two-part project explored the trends in provision of EMS/ambulance services among rural and urban hospitals.

Evaluation of the PAP Pilot Project (2009-10)
The evaluation of the PAP Pilot project looks at the MARP program, its effectiveness in North Carolina, and the potential to enhance low-income rural residents’ access to needed pharmaceuticals.