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Mark Holmes, PhD, Director

Mark in rural area

Calloway Peak in Banner Elk, NC. Population: 1,332 (RUCA 10.0)




Angelina Budko, Graduate Research Assistant 21-22

Angelina in a rural area

Taggart Lake Trailhead, Teton County, WY. Population 23,464 (RUCA 10.2)


TJ Grant, Graduate Research Assistant 21-22

TJ in a rural area.

Bakersville, NC. Population: 466 (RUCA 10.0)


Susie Gurzenda, MS, Project Manager/Analyst

Susie in a rural area

Rockwood, PA. Population: 707 (RUCA 10.0)

Tyler Malone, MS, Graduate Research Assistant

Tyler in a rural area

Farmer City, IL. Population: 2,185 (RUCA 2.1)


Julie Perry, Research Assistant

Julie in a rural area.

Burnsville, NC. Population: 1,903 (RUCA 10.0)


George Pink, PhD, Deputy Director & Investigator

George in a rural area.

Phoenix, AZ. Population: 1.63M (RUCA 1.0)


Kristin Reiter, PhD, Investigator

Kristin in a rural area.

Kirkland, IL. Population 1,744 (RUCA 2.0)


Kristie Thompson, MA, Project Manager

Kristie in a rural area.

Big Surr, CA. Population: 5,117 (RUCA 10.0)


Lily Wang, PhD, Programmer/Analyst

Lily in a rural area.

Outer Banks, Dare County, NC. Population: 37,000 (RUCA 10.0)



Ruoyu Zhang, Undergraduate Research Assistant 22-23

Ruoyu in Sandwich, MA

Sandwich, Barnstable County, MA. Population: 20,259 (RUCA 1)


Ariana Pitcher, Graduate Research Assistant 22-23

Seneca Rocks, WV. Population 607 (RUCA 10.0)



Emmaline Keesee, Graduate Research Assistant 22-23

Emmaline Keesee

Fort Peck, MT. Population 246 (RUCA 10.3)

Laura McFadyen, Graduate Research Assistant 22-23

Big Bend National Park, TX. Population 175 (RUCA 10)