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    Continued Seminar in Health Disparities

    This is the second academic year of funding for this seminar. Our previous year goals will carry forward this year with some additions and improvements. We still aim to become acquainted with researchers and students who are involved in or interested in health disparities; to understand how to build and refine the Program in Health... Read more » [...]

    Interdisciplinary Seminar in Health Disparities: Healthcare Delivery in the Age of COVID-19 This interdisciplinary Seminar will hold intensive and collaborative sessions focused on health outcome and health delivery problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main research topic is health disparities in healthcare delivery and how the COVID-19 pandemic shapes systems and impacts resources, including... Read more » [...]

    Join us in congratulating Dr. Crystal Wiley Cené, MD, MPH, FAHA, with her promotion by UNC Health as the organization’s first System Executive Director for Health Equity. In this new role, Dr. Cené will lead a multidisciplinary and collaborative effort to plan, implement, and evaluate science-based strategies and interventions to help address the structures, policies,... Read more » [...]

    Crystal Wiley Cené awarded a 5-year R01 award to implement Patient Priorities Care in North Carolina

          Crystal Wiley Cené, MD, MPH, FAHA is the Director of the Program on Health Disparities at the Sheps Center. She is a health services researcher and implementation scientist with research expertise and passion for patient- and family-centered care. Her R01 proposal, entitled, “Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Priorities Care-North Carolina for Older... Read more » [...]