Who We Are – Faculty and Staff

Program Co-Directors

Phil Sloane, MD, PhD, Professor of Family Medicine, psloane@med.unc.edu
Sheryl Zimmerman, PhD, Professor of Social Work, sizimmer@email.unc.edu


Anna Beeber, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, asbeeber@email.unc.edu
Jacquie Halladay, MD, Research Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, jacqueline_halladay@med.unc.edu
Chrissy Kistler, MD, Research Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, christine_kistler@med.unc.edu

Project Managers

Lauren Cohen, Research Associate, lcohen@schsr.unc.edu
Christine Lathren, MD, Social Clinical Research Assistant, lathren@schsr.unc.edu

David Reed, Research Associate, Analyst, dreed@schsr.unc.edu

Research Staff

Jennifer Hodgkinson, Social Clinical Research Assistant, jencm@email.unc.edu
Julia Thorp, Social Clinical Research Assistant, julthorp@schsr.unc.edu
Kimberly Ward, Social Clinical Research Assistant, kward@schsr.unc.edu