Access, Quality and Financial Implications of the Transitions of Children with Autism

Kathleen Thomas, Ph.D., Principal Investigator A growing foundation of evidence indicates that families of children with autism experience problems of access, financial burden and difficulties paying for health care and autism services, but little evidence positions these experiences in time as they relate to critical childhood milestones. There is some evidence that childhood transitions, into,… Read more »

Crisis Pilot Project Evaluation

The Crisis Pilot Project Evaluation will address four questions specific to the crisis pilot Local Management Entities and their respective state psychiatric hospitals

ICARE Program Evaluation

The goals of this evaluation are to provide all ICARE partners and other stakeholders with reliable and timely information on the implementation and outcomes of ICARE’s local demonstration projects that can be used to address problems, build on strengths, and leverage future opportunities.

Medicaid Capitation: Cost Shifting and Multisystem Use

This is a longitudinal study of the impact of Medicaid capitation on the use of multiple systems of care in King County (Seattle), Washington and is the first comprehensive, population based effort to assess the inter-system impacts of managed behavioral health care and cost shifting from behavioral health to local jails.