Decision Aid Testing Lab

In the primary care initiative a center will be developed within the UNC General Internal Medicine practice that will be used to integrate decision aids for diabetes, chronic pain, and weight loss surgery into primary care clinic practice.

Employment of Adults with Disabilities under the North Carolina Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG)

The goal is to assist the MIG2 effort to develop a comprehensive and lasting employment infrastructure in North Carolina that coordinates disparate state service delivery systems in order to maximize employment for people with disabilities, increase the state’s labor force through the inclusion of people with disabilities, and protect and enhance workers’ healthcare, other benefits, and needed employment supports.

Nursing Home Medication Error Project

In response to Senate Bill 1016 which mandates that nursing homes report medication errors, this project is developing and implementing a nursing home medication error reporting system for the State of North Carolina.

Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP)

Utilizing the infrastructure of the RTI-UNC EPC, this research aims to summarize the available evidence comparing the efficacy, effectiveness, and harms of drugs in many widely used drug classes.

UNC-CH Training Program in Health Services Research

Training program to provide academic training and direct experience in the application of the research skills from a number of disciplines to the study of the organization, financing, utilization, and delivery of personal health care services.