Developing a Health Literacy Universal Precautions Tool Kit

This project proposes to develop such an approach by compiling the best, evidence-based tools that are in the public domain or made available by copyright holders, and by developing tools to fill gaps where no practice-appropriate tools exist, thereby creating a Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit.

Health Literacy and Self-Management in Heart Failure

A multi-site randomized trial to test whether a literacy-sensitive intervention to improve heart failure self-management skills can improve health outcomes for all patients, and particularly those with inadequate literacy.

Trauma Center Brief Alcohol Treatment and Cost Effectiveness

The proposed study will evaluate these two different strategies (specialist MI counseling and brief physician advice) and compare them with standard care at a Level I Trauma Center using a randomized clinical trial with 375 trauma patients.

Develop Evidence to Inform Decisions About Effectiveness: The DEcIDE Network

The DEcIDE network provides a variety of services and products to support the development of new scientific knowledge through research on the outcomes of healthcare items and services. Activities performed by the DEcIDE network reflect the general principle that clinicians and patients should have the best available evidence upon which to make choices in health… Read more »

Health and Literacy in Child and Adult Assessment

This project is developing patient reported outcome measures (PRO) for adults and children across all levels of literacy. As a cooperative agreement with NIH, UNC is part of a network of sites to develop measures for adults. UNC is also focusing its efforts on an independent project to develop measures for children ages 8-17. Patient… Read more »