North Carolina IMPaCT: Advancing and Spreading Primary Care Transformation

For the IMPaCT project, we will enhance our current efforts by conducting a regional leadership development program that will enhance the effectiveness of the regional medical and quality improvement leaders. We will also enhance our current patient-centered medical home change package to included focused attention on the role of primary care in transitions between care settings.

Carolina Advance Health Evaluation

The purpose of these activities will be to provide technical assistance to TPN and the establishment and monitoring of Carolina Advance Health (CAH). 1) Planning and evaluation of patient satisfaction data.  2) Qualitative evaluation of organization and modification of CAH.  3) Assistance in quality of care evaluation. Principal Investigator: Timothy S Carey, MD, MPH Funding: … Read more »

Reducing Potentially Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing by Primary Care Clinicians Working in Long-Term

This supplement extended the period of observation of the intervention in assisted living, to allow for additional data collection and analysis and for the development of materials for training new sites to implement the intervention and disseminate them to appropriate audiences. The goal was to reduce potentially inappropriate antibiotic prescribing. Principal Investigator: Phillip Sloane, M.D.,… Read more »

Transforming Primary Care Practice in North Carolina

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model involves complete primary care practice redesign with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of patient care and reduce cost. Detailed information on the best methods of practice transformation is needed to help the growing number of practices as they plan to go through this process. The overall objective… Read more »

An Open Source Model for Projecting Physician Shortages in the United States

The question of whether the United States is facing a physician shortage is a hotly contested topic. Some projections have estimated a shortfall of between 85,000-200,000 physicians by 2020 but other analysts have suggested that supply is not the issue, rather it is the distribution of physicians both geographically and between specialties that is most… Read more »

Lung Cancer Surgery: Decisions Against Life Saving Care – The Intervention Center

This American Cancer Society sponsored study is designed to use a health literacy and culturally appropriate communication intervention for patients and electronic data tools for providers to optimize lung cancer surgery treatment for early stage lung cancer for all patients and to reduce the surgical gap between African-American and white lung cancer patients.

Southern Piedmont Beacon Community Project (SPBC Project)

The SPBC Project builds on this community’s current advanced usage and penetration of health information technology (HIT) lo create a learning laboratory for the next generation of community-based HIT-enabled improvements to health and care.