Envisioning the Future Optometry Workforce in North Carolina

Should North Carolina open a school of optometry? This report presents the status of the optometry workforce in North Carolina, including supply and distribution, demographics, and practice characteristics. Key Findings: North Carolina Has a Strong Supply of Optometrists The Ratio of North Carolina Optometrists Varies Significantly by County The Demographics of the Optometrist Workforce are Changing… Read more »

The Health Information Management Workforce

Current Trends, Future Directions The third report in a series on Allied Health Professions in North Carolina. This report provides the short to medium-term outlook for the HIM workforce in our state.  

The Pharmacist Workforce in North Carolina

Is there a shortage of pharmacists in North Carolina? This document presents what is currently known about the supply and distribution of the pharmacist workforce in North Carolina.  

A Study of Associate Degree Nursing Program Success

Evidence from the 2002 Cohort This study was undertaken at the request of the North Carolina Community College System to examine factors contributing to the success of ADN programs in NC community colleges. It expands the current evidence base that can be used to inform efforts to reduce student attrition.

Trends in Graduate Medical Education in North Carolina 3-2013

Challenges and Next Steps Anticipating an increase in the demand for physician services in the near future, North Carolina’s two public medical schools recently increased their enrollment. In 2010, The University of North Carolina began to expand their entering classes from 160 entering positions to 180 positions by 2012. UNC also added regional placements in… Read more »

Pharmacists in North Carolina: Steady Numbers, Changing Roles

Executive Summary (February 2014) This study of the pharmacy workforce in NC was conducted by the Program on Health Workforce Research and Policy at the Cecil G. Sheps Center (Sheps Center) in response to a request by the University of North Carolina General Administration. Key Findings: NC Has a Strong Supply of Pharmacists The Pharmacist… Read more »

Addressing the Allied Health Workforce Data Void

North Carolina’s Innovative Strategy to Confront the Challenge What Motivated this Project? Project Goals and Products Results and Outcomes Challenges How to Improve Workforce Planning Efforts    

Collecting Allied Health Workforce Data

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Purpose is to provide an overview of the lessons learned from collecting allied health workforce data: What have we learned? What has gone well and what hasn’t gone so well? How can you collect workforce data to shape allied health workforce policy in your state?