Christiane Voisin, MSLS


Ms. Voisin has provided literature search support for EPC projects and systematic reviews for over 10 years. She has developed and performed literature searches for recent USPSTF topics including screening for elevated lead levels in childhood and pregnancy (topic refinement), folic acid supplementation to prevent neural tube defects and screening for latent tuberculosis infection in adults. She is also the Acting Associate Director for Information Services at the Sheps Center and PI for the Health Services Research-in-Progress database management contract at UNC. Ms. Voisin’s work has been supported by AHRQ, DERP, and the National Library of Medicine. Ms. Voisin has also provided contract literature search support for projects funded by the State of Maryland and FDA. In her spare time she operates a vegan baking service and volunteers at a local radio station.

Secret Current Fandom: Ms. Voisin dabbles in palmistry, which is the art of palm reading!